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If you have signs of viagra pills, you should definitely consult a doctor. The doctor will conduct desensitization - a procedure for insulin skin tests that reveals the body's response to a particular drug. The selection of insulin takes a long time. Each injection is given with a break of 20–30 minutes. Desensitization is a complex procedure, because often the patient does not have time for numerous tests. As a result of the selection, the patient is prescribed a drug on which there were no negative reactions.

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In modern medicine, several types of insulin are used: synthetic and isolated from the pancreas of animals, usually porcine and bovine. Each of the listed types can provoke the manifestation of an allergy, because the substance is a protein. Important! Young women and elderly patients are more likely to experience a similar reaction of the body.



At the site of insulin injection, some seal may form, which rises somewhat above the surface of the skin. The papule persists for 14 days. Attention! A dangerous complication is the Artyus-Sakharov phenomenon. As a rule, a papule is formed if the patient injects insulin constantly in the same place. The seal is formed after a week of such use, accompanied by soreness and itching. If the injection enters the papule again, an infiltrate is formed, the volume of sildenafil is constantly increasing. An abscess and a purulent fistula form, an increase in the patient's body temperature is not excluded.


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It is possible to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction with the use of recombinant insulins. Local reactions are not dangerous and, as a rule, pass without medical intervention.

The following factors can provoke a reaction of the body: significant thickness of the needle; intradermal administration; damage to the skin; the introduction of injections constantly on one part of viagra; the introduction of a cold drug.



Reactions can be divided according to the nature of their occurrence: Immediate type - manifests itself minutes after the injection, manifests itself in the form of a reaction at the injection site in the form of a rash. slow type. It manifests itself in the form of the formation of subcutaneous infiltrates, manifests itself hours later after the administration of insulin. It is worth noting that a local type reaction may occur due to improper administration of the component.

Viagra can occur after the first injection, however, such a reaction is rare. As a rule, allergies are detected after 4 weeks of use. It should be noted that the reaction can have varying degrees of severity. The development of Quincke's edema is not excluded.